Shea Nilotica Butter was established to provide a source of sustainable income for the women of South Sudan through the South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association ( S.S.W.E.A ) .
Shea Nilotica Butter ensures that the profit from the production and sale of Shea Nilotica Butter returns to these women and also provides an incentive to protect the natural Shea butter resource.

Our connection with the women changed the focus of our business. We realized that Shea butter had the potential to change women’s lives by alleviating poverty and providing women with an income to meet the needs of their children.


Shea Nilotica Butter is a legacy of the South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association ( S.S.W.E.A ), which is a program focused on training the women in group formation and Shea nut and butter quality improvement. Training consists of the following modules:

  1. Shea Sensitization Program.

  2. Shea Quality Improvement Training .

  3. Group Formation and Strengthening.

  4. Follow-up Intervention on Group Formation.

  5. Supply of basic Shea equipment.



We are always trying to reduce the amount of waste we contribute to landfills, and we focus on two key ideas:

  1. Make packaging that breaks down naturally,

  2. Create circular systems of reuse that eliminate waste entirely.

We avidly strategize ways for our product to be multipurpose to create value for you, and also lower the overall waste impact for all of us.


Our products are made for every person, every body, every identity. That’s right, there is no “women’s” or “men’s” in our line, because no one should be limited in their choices. There is an unending number of ways to express and embody beauty and self care. Sometimes it feels like we blinked and got pegged as being part of the “beauty industry.” But hey, beauty is in the SPIRIT, and we’ve got plenty of that.


We are craftspeople, and to us that means committing to process and materials. We make our products in small batches, by hand, in South Sudan. This enables us to provide the freshest, highest quality products and to contribute to our community by providing jobs’ and skills’ training. Yes, small batch is a mindset.

Our Promise

We formulate our products with:

No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, No Animal Testing, No Petrolatum.